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Aeromotive 11110 - Aeromotive Eliminator Marine Fuel Pumps


Fuel Pump, Electric, Eliminator Marine, Black, Hardcoat Anodized

Free Flow Rate: 216 gph/817 lph

Maximum Pressure (psi): 70 psi

Inlet Size: -12 AN O-ring

Inlet Quantity: One

Inlet Attachment: Female threads

Outlet Size: -10 AN O-ring

Outlet Quantity: One

Outlet Attachment: Female threads

                    Pump is rated at 1,300 lbs//hr. at 8 psi and 1,000 lbs./hr. at 45 psi with 13.5 volts. Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement. Maximum continuous operating pressure should not exceed 70 psi. 

Aeromotive Eliminator marine fuel pumps are "water warriors"! With 25 percent more flow than the A1000 model, they rid your race craft of poor performance by feeding your engine with enough fuel to maintain its winning ways. Eliminators are built in the USA and are certified to ISO 8846, SAE J1171, and United States Coast Guard requirements for ignition protection and fire resistance. Plus, these marine pumps are built to survive over 2,000 hours of continuous run time. Battle the waters successfully with Aeromotive Eliminator marine fuel pumps onboard.

Other Eliminator marine features:

* Compatible with all pump and racing gasoline
* Up to 2300 hp--carbureted engine naturally aspirated
* Up to 1700 hp--carbureted engine forced air induction
* Up to 1900 hp--fuel injected engine naturally aspirated
* Up to 1400 hp--fuel injected engine forced air induction