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Aeromotive 11806 - Aeromotive Diesel Lift Pumps


Diesel Fuel Pump Style: Lift

Fuel Pump Type: Electric

Free Flow Rate: 230 gph/871 lph

Fuel Pressure (psi): 10 psi

Wiring Harness Included: No

Mounting Hardware Included: No

Aeromotive diesel lift pumps have the flow to fuel even the most aggressive diesels. They were developed to solve key issues with competitors' diesel lift pumps, most notably: low fuel level problems; pressure control concerns; and motor shaft seal failures. With a brushless motor design that reduces current draw by 33%, Aeromotive has increased performance and more than doubled the service life of brushed motor diesel lift pumps. Their single filter design simplifies the pump and reduces maintenance costs. All Aeromotive diesel lift pumps include a Caterpillar 2-micron filter to catch the smallest particles.

Additional features of Aeromotive diesel lift pumps include:

* Unique draw-through technology
* 1 in.-14 fuel filter thread--allows the use of other common filter brands
* Stainless steel filter stud and filter dip tube (corrosion-resistant)
* Flow-through design; there is no shaft seal to fail or leak
* Self-priming, no need to pre-fill the filter during installation or filter change
* Fuel pressure gauge lets you dial-in the desired pressure accurately and reliably
* Available with your choice of gph ratings
* OEM-style return; no need to modify the filler neck