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Aeromotive 17166 - Aeromotive Phantom 340 Stealth Fuel Systems FI


Phantom EFI returnless fuel system. Kit includes 340 LPH fuel pump, EFI regulator, fuel pressure gauge, high-flow billet regulator, mounting bracket, fittings for AN -06 fuel hose and wiring harness. 

Stock look, serious performance--Aeromotive Phantom 340 fuel systems create an illusion but they are definitely for real! Designed to add a whisper-quiet internal pump to your stock tank, Phantom 340 systems are capable of delivering enough fuel to feed your fuel-injected street rod or musclecar, even in tanks as shallow as 6 inches! So, you can make the switch to fuel injection without a fuel cell, custom tank, or a loud external pump and they definitely can handle serious power even at supercharged or turbocharged EFI pressures. Plus, Aeromotive has made it ridiculously easy for you to make the conversion--pretty cool, huh? You won't see the power, but you will definitely feel it!

Features include:

* 340 Stealth fuel pump
* Supports 700 horsepower EFI forced induction, 825 horsepower EFI naturally aspirated
* Supports 900 horsepower carbureted forced induction, 1,000 horsepower carbureted naturally aspirated
* Black anodized hanger assembly
* Fuel resistant baffle/basket
* Universal high flow pre-pump filter
* Modular design allows fitment to almost any fuel tank
* Must be used with a return style fuel system
* In tank use only